Meet Nora Timberson!

A lovely chef who loves to eat!

Nora (Casual) Nora (Chef)

Height: 4'9" Weight: 240 lbs.

LIKES: Eating, Drinking, Eating, Cooking, Recieving Food, Eating, Getting Swollen and Gassy from Eating

DISLIKES: Having To Clear Her Throat All The Time, Not Being Able To Eat More, Short Jokes

OCCUPATION: Chef at The Pepper Harvest House

Nora is a part-time chef for a restaurant, called "The Pepper Harvest House". She loves to cook, almost as much as she loves eating and drinking! She has a strong tendency to overeat and overhydrate, and she never turns down food. She has a need to clear her throat frequently, though she really couldn't tell you why due to being undiagnosed. The same condition has its upsides for her though, as when she eats a lot her stomach produces acid and gas in great abundance, swelling her up further (much to her pleasure).